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Nepal is a beautiful Himalayan Kingdom blessed by Guru Gorakshanath.It is the origin place of The Vedic Sanatan Dharma (root of all the religions), birthplace of Veda Vyasa who wrote the 4 Vedas; father of all the literature and scientific discoveries, source of holy river Ganga, the land of Devas, saints and sages. Therefore, It would be a matter of pride for yoga lovers to practice yoga and meditation in the pious land from where Tantra, Yoga, Astrology, Ayurveda, Vastu-shastra (fengsui) was started.
After a long wrestle, the mother-nature taught Yogi Panchavedi the secret of bliss and beauty. He completed 999 days deep Yoga and Meditation on Nagpanchami and started Tushita-Nepal yoga retreats resort amidst the nature for the noble cause. It is an ideal retreat resort in Pokhara-Nepal for spiritual awakening and purifying body –mind and soul. Tushita-Nepal is meant for those who are in pursuit of happiness and peace. May you come and discover the self, find your lost way, shape dreams and live with vigor-virtue & vivacity.

Let’s join hands for restoring Peace & Harmony !
Yogi Panchavedi

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Our Yoga Courses

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Duration: 7 Days

Meant for those who are in pursuit of happiness and peace. Authentic yoga meditation course for discovering your 'self'

Duration: 15 Days

The students shall go a bit deeper about Yoga & Meditation, retreat and detoxifying tips in life. Alight your self.

Duration: 19 Days

We shall reveal the truths of yoga and meditation as described in Vedic Sanatan Dharma the most originals.

Duration: 30 Days

Not only He/ She shall gain mastery on Yoga and Meditation but also the yogi gets deep knowledge.


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