Note: Other time is meant for hikes, rest, read spiritual pages and question yourself. May you purify your self -open your chakras- receive immense spiritual vibration. Rather stretching legs and closing eyes, you are meant to be here for special purpose; retrieve lost ways and live a blissful life. You learn Raja yoga, Bhakti yoga, Karma yoga, Gyana yoga, Hatha Yoga - yoga in its purest form.

BEYOND YOUR SMILE 7 NIGHT RETREAT (for beginners) @ Euro 555

Pick up transportation from Pokhara tourist bus-park or Pokhara airport (6km drive)
Cocoon warmth accommodation, one room one person according to ruling planet
3 Ayurvedic meals a day, Detox herb drink, seasonal fruits, milk, herb tea / organic coffee
90 min. Yoga class in the morning & 90 min meditation class in the evening
Basic Ayurveda course (cooking course ) and Nature Therapy (self healing practices)
Astrological outlook with full report according to the Vedic astrology
Wearing the oldest vedic dress and learning the ancient language
Ayurvedic massage, Nature therapy, watching own Aura and self- reiki healing
World Peace Stupa visit, main city tours, jungle hike and village tour
Free treatment for Sinus, migraine, depression and constipation problems
Taxes, Valuable gifts (eg. map, posters, books, Music CD, and the throne that Jesus Christ had used in his head during crucify.

Nepal is the origin place of Hatha Yoga and Meditation as taught by Guru Gorakhnath in the very beginning of human civilization. 'Ha' means Sun (Pingala- male energy) and Tha means Moon (Ida - female energy) of our body. Activation of our inner chakras through Hatha - pranayama is called Hatha yoga. However, it teaches purification codes, Asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathings) and meditation techniques. Hatha Yoga is the father of all the yoga styles / forms. Indeed, Tushita- Nepal is the school for yoga and meditation "Yogalaya". The whole effort of yoga and meditation shall be in purification and awakening the chakras. Those six chakras of our body generate vibrant sound A, Ha, Ya, Wa, Ra, La. These are the pure sounds of our Nepali language. And, these are the letters that the whole world is bewildered with mystic thought.

5 NIGHT 6 DAYS INTRODUCTORY CLASS (for the beginners) COSTS Euro 456

Cost Includes: Most comfortable accommodation, 3 meals a day, yoga and meditation course, hikes around world peace stupa and typical village, gifts. Simply answering - meditation teaches people how to be happy. Yoga means to add ( + ) in our Nepali language. So, to add our soul to supreme soul 'The Bramha' is Yoga. The modern life is full of turmoil and tragedy. All the people are rushing in search of pinch of happiness. Much of their time is spent banging into walls of materialism chasing money, caring relationship, passionate search for pleasure and security. But their effort is vain because material comfort is just a momentous, so-called happiness. Therefore, meditation is the only way to get rid off from all the tragedies. It is the noblest path to reunion our soul to supreme soul- The Bramha..

Meditation is for:

  • Peace of mind
  • Prosperity
  • Healthy life
  • Peace and Harmony
  • True Happiness In this course you come to know:
  • The truths of Yoga and meditation
  • Living a positive life in peace and harmony
  • To know your-self and discover the mystery of nature
  • Knowledge of Ayurveda and Vashtu Shastra "Fengsui"
  • The proper way to detoxify toxins.. just like scanning virus in computer

    Schedule of the day shall be:
    05 : 55 am Pooja (worshipping)
    06 : 20 Starts yoga class
    08 : 00 "Prasad" Breakfast
    09 : 00 Spiritual awareness
    01 : 00 pm Gorakh Arpan (Lunch)
    Read books, listen music and rest.
    05 : 00 Evening Jungle walk
    06 : Evening Pooja worsipping
    06 : 10 Meditation
    07 : Sat Sangat (Bhajan - playing music, dancing, celebrating ! )
    07 : 30 Evening Dinner

    Note: Schedules can be changed according to the season and the Yogis category. We shall take to World Peace Stupa Tour, Jungle Walk, Bird watching, Orchid tour, Village visit, Organic farm vist etc.


    Cost Includes: Accommodation , 3 meals , tourist bus Kathmandu, hike around, gifts

    The program schedule and the highlights shall be almost same to the beginners. But the students shall go a bit deeper about Yoga & Meditation, retreat and detoxifying tips in life. They understand that meditation is not stretching bodies and closing eyes but opening eyelids / petals of your life. Also, students understand that using mat / mattress / slipper during yoga is not good at all. Shall know many spiritual quests...

    Students shall know about herbal plants and their medicinal usage as we have planted 64 different species of herbs.

    Spiritual awakening lecture / presentations on most important spiritual discourses

    30 DAYS ADVANCE CLASS (Euro 3600)

    Summer session: May 1, June 1, July 1, & Winter Session Nov 1, Dec 1, Jan 1

    Cost Includes: accommodation , 3 meals , tourist bus Kathmandu, hike around, city tours, visit to Veda Vyasa cave- compiler of the 4 Vedas memorable yogic gifts (posters, books, music CD'S, Vedic Dress)

    Certificate provided : only if examination passed (This shall be one of the most tuff examination because we have gone to the depths of Tantras that common yoga schools just have not understood the truths as they know Yoga Styles of Hindus / India. We shall reveal the truths of yoga and meditation as described in Vedic Sanatan Dharma the most original form- as it is.

    In this course the yogi shall know:

    • The creator of our universe
    • The truths of Yoga and meditation
    • To whom to call "Guru" and Baba...
    • The correct way to circulate temples [anticlock-wise] (Please ! Read things to know section for short description)
    • Nepal is the origin place of Astrology, Ayurveda and Vashtu Shastra "Fengsui". Later, Hindus of India and Chinese followed our Vedic Sanatan Dharma
    • Chakra Healings (opening the Kundalini Chakras)
    • The proper way to detoxify toxins.. just like scanning virus in computer
    • Yoga is not only stretching body-parts but way to attach our-self with 'The Bramha'.. Yoga is not closing eyes but opening eyes for right Karma that leads to ultimate destination.
    • Guru Gorakshanath the father Yoga & Meditaiton (Hatha yoga is the father of all the yoga forms/ styles)
    • Krishna nity (Teachings of Lord Krishan) became Christianity. Foreigners cannot pronounce KrishnaNity correctly and kurisuna nity kurisuna nity became Christianity. Jesus had visited Nepal and was greatly impressed with the teaching of Lord Krishna. He started to teach the truths of Vedic culture to the west. It is said that he was blessed from Guru Gorakshanath at Nagarjun of Kathmandu Nepal before his departure to Europe. Still his tomb can be visited near by Kashmir (which place belong to Nepal according to Greater Nepal Map).
    • Origin place of yoga and meditation after visiting the birth place of Veda Vyasa who wrote 4 Vedas (books of knowledge) the father of scientific discoveries, literature, all the religious texts. His birth-place Damauli is just 55 km away from our home.
    • There is another the 5th Veda (as Hindus of India used to describe as Hidden Vedas). This is how Yogi Panchavedi borrowed his name as he has touched few pages of the 5th Remember ! there are hardly 10 people who have seen and touched the 5th Vedas.
    • Daman - Inareshwor the holy land from where Mahabharata (holy war) had started. OM sound can be heard frequently coming from the inner cave. You can visit the first temple in the world of Sat Guru Gorakhnath (The Creator). Remember ! 3 OM had appeared during the foundation dug-out. The most spiritual vibration swirling place in the world that many Yoga masters visit here. This is the place where Urgen Rimpochhe got enlightened. Local villagers say that Yogi called Pilot Baba meditated for 14 years and got the truth. Many Tibetan Rimpochhes and Even Dalai Lama visit frequently hiding in a truck as he is very much watched by Chinese embassy. Indeed, this is the place where we can recharge our spiritual energy as we recharge our mobile in electric socket. This is the only place in the world that "dry lightining occurs every-day". And, you shall realize this is the ultimate destination of Yoga lovers.

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