Knowledge is light- it is the essential factor for human being to lead a successful and happy life. Understanding the necessity, Greater Nepal government had established first and great the 4 universities; Nalanda, Takshashila, Bikramshila and Ballav. Now, listed in world heritage sites, it was situated 95 km south east from Patna city (today's India) and was a center of learning from the 7th century BC to 1200CE. According to the Chinese travelers Xuanzang and Yijing - there were 2000 teachers and 12,000 students studying different subjects; astrology, Ayurveda, Tantra, Yoga & Meditation, mathematics, agriculture, economics, business, engineering, medical Surgery, Art and music, Vedic texts, Sanskrit grammar and Buddhism and what not? Sanskrit was the language used for teaching and learning. Nalanda University flourished under the patronage of the Gupta Empire- one of the most successful empire of Greater Nepal. Gopalas, Mahishapalas, Kiratas, Lichhivis were the great emperors before Gupta.

Highly formalized methods of vedic learning inspired other countries to establish many other educational institution and universities. Nepal remained cradle for education to all the scholars of the world. The school had attracted scholars and students from far distance travelling all the way from Tiber, China, Korea, Australia, Persia, Turkey and Europe. It is said that Pythagoras, the world famous mathematician had studied mathematics and astrology here. Jesus Christ had studied Tantra- Yoga & Meditation. Similarly, founder of the Jain religion- Mahavira had also studied in this university. Gautam Buddha himself used to give discourse in this university. No doubt, Nepal was the hub for education and business on those days. However, shame to say, Nepalese students are now standing in queue holding passport for abroad study- because of filthy politics. Those students abuse day and night for the stupidity of Nepalese government.

Our beautiful world is gradually turning to a hell. We are fed up with the powerful lunatics, educated fools and so-called scholars. This is an unprincipled world of impish lords where placidity has been snatched and humanity raped. Innocent people are compelled to live a chaotic and restless life. In short, the loss of innocent and the dark heart of humanity disappoints greatly. Therefore, to prevent this beautiful world turning to hell, in order to add essence to truth, originality and placidity- moral education is inevitable. Peace & Symbiosis is possible only after creating peaceful environment and educating children with fundamental teachings of truth & beauty, humanity and humbleness, the art of living. This shall be the only powerful weapon to bring positive changes in our society.

Now, it is the necessity of time to produce responsible citizens which is possible only through proper education. It is our since attempt to educate deprived children and women. Under the patronage of Gorakhnath Welfare Trust, Tushita-Nepal has been conducting numerous educational projects with the slogan "Education for all and for peace" May all the peace lovers join hands for the restoration of a civilized society. In this regard, Vedic education is the only means of real education like those we had in vedic culture. It makes people witty, well-cultured, professional, Sincere in performing duties and responsibility. That is what needed for modern world for balancing material life and spiritual life.

  1. First and foremost, students must be able to know themselves - we all human beings belong to the same class. If there is any difference- it is not of quality but it is only of knowing. As far as our beings are concerned, we belong to the same existence. We breathe the same air; just not tried to know ourselves. The moment we know ourselves there is no difference at all. It is just like a man has to be shaken and told "Open your eyes- it is morning, night is over."
  2. Life is real and earnest. Past is no more, future not yet; why to fret about if today be sweet. Live in the present. Make your every moment joyful and ecstatic like and artist who enjoys moment by moment whether it is bitter of sweet, like a poet who replete the unwritten paper with unheard melody so skillfully- so beautifully. To make our living worthy, always try to leave a sweet fragrance in the society and ineffaceable footprint behind. Just like a lotus that blooms out of muddy pond and like a bee that wanders flowers to flower and produces sweet honey.
  3. Teaching must not have any twist and turns and force students to believe. Teacher must be like a mirror - no prejudice at all, impartially reflects the object as it is. Teacher should teach from known to unknown and simple to complex. He must explain the law of nature and flow of natural existence. Purifying the self, Keeping the Dharma (duty- responsibility) and balancing spiritual world and material world shall be focused.
  4. Students shall learn to live in peace and harmony, And for this, practical philosophy of love-life-death- art- music- literature must be taught. The sense of fraternity should come from heart. This earth is our home and we all are brothers and sisters. We are here not only to eat sleep marry and die but to contribute to our global village.
  5. War is curse. It is the symbol of destruction. It is not good among friends, families and it is not good among nation. But, despite of this, the wisest fools are pouring mountain of money for making atomic weapons. And on the other hand, millions of people are dying of hunger. What kind of humanity are we lining on? It is a serious issue for all scholars to ponder upon. Right now, 70 % of the total budget of every nation goes to the military which does nothing except doing left- right / left -right, polishing their guns & shoes- that is all they do. If there is truthfulness, lovingness and mutual understanding there is no need of armies. On the other hand, the so-called spiritual masters have made boxes of religion dividing people- creating walls / hatred. This creates conflicts- bloodshed wars, crusades "the holy wars". In the name of religion and in the name of amnesty they are oppressing humanity.
    Now, the only sheer solution shall be educating people through the teaching of Vedas. This makes people understand the facts and reality. People shall be able to write their own destiny. No need to depend on pundits, so-called scholars and political leaders. So, we have planned to establish 75 Vedic schools in all 75 district of Nepal first. Then, gradually we shall urge governments of every country to add curriculum on the basis of Vedic teachings for a peace and prosperity in our world.

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