International yoga festivals has taken its height with immense popularity among the Indians and westerners. However, it is pity that they do not know that Nepal have been celebrating yoga festivals every year since the time immemorial. We urge all the yoga alliances, world-wide yoga networks, yoga teacher's association, yoga journals, yoga conference and yoga retreat organizers to come Nepal and discover the facts. At the same time, we would like to invite all the yoga lovers from all over the world to participate international yoga festivals 2017- 2018- 2019- 2010 in Daman, Pokhara, Damauli, Lumbini, Rishikesh respectively.

Nepal Tourism Board has organized several yoga - meditation retreats receiving sincere advice from the government of Nepal. Yogacharyas, teachers, enthusiasts and peace seekers come from every corner of the glove to participate this program. Spiritual discourse held among world's top yoga masters. They have been confessing the wrong practice and spreading rumor regarding the origin of yoga-meditation. Now, they came with one voice ".. Pious Land Nepal: Origin Place of Yoga- Meditation." Yoga literally means "Union"- union of breathe with the body, union of the mind with the muscles and most importantly union of the self with the divine source. In fact, yoga is for healthy body- healthy mind and healthy soul. Please do not take Yoga as a religion as people have been understanding wrong way. Yoga is a way of living and dying. It teaches to love- laugh and live !! Liberation of our soul is the ultimate goal of Yoga- Meditation. We invite all the yoga lovers with love to join us in the Himalayas of Nepal for spiritual awakening.

1. DAMAN: From where Mahabharata was started

2. BHOJPUR: The birthplace of Yogi Patanjali (the father of modern Yoga)

3. POKHARA: On the lap of Dhaulagiri, Goddess Annapurna & Machhapurchhre

4. RISHIKESH: The birthplace of Lord Rishikesh in Ruru Kshetra, Palpa-Nepal

5. DAMAULI: The birthplace of Veda Vyasa who compiled the 4 Vedas and 18 Puranas

6. DHARKE : From where vibrant cosmic energy starts to flow on earth

7. LUMBINI : The birthplace of Lord Buddha

8. SWORGADWARI: Where Semi-God/Goddesses change their formal dress

9. DEVGHAT: Where ancestors receive offering and get salvation

10. BARAHACHETTRA: Where the 3rd incarnation of Narayan (Vishnu) took place

International Yoga Festival Venue Place

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