Nepal Himalayan Gemstones

Himalayan country Nepal is very rich in mines and minerals. Our majestic mountains are the mines of gemstones. Precious gemstones like, ruby, diamond, aquamarine, emerald, sapphire, kyanite, tourmaline, jade, jasper, crystals etc are found in the bosom of mountains and the river banks of Nepal. However, more exploration and excavation is yet to be done.

But, despite of its abundance, it is strange that the outer-world is unknown about gemstones of Nepal. Knowing our treasure trove India government trespasses into the mountain area of Nepal pretending to built motor-able roads. On the way back, they carry trucks of value-able gemstones. Just to let you know that 17% of the total amount of national budget of India comes from the tax imposed to the gemstones carried from Nepal. And, Jayapur boasts for world famous gemstones market concealing the original source- Himalayas of Nepal. It is needless to scold the impotent government of Nepal because of their ignorance. Due to the lack of gemstones knowledge our mighty treasure are still under the earth and many are stolen away. Precious gemstones are scattered in the river banks of several rivers of Nepal. And, Nepalese are unknown about the valuable gemstones just like "Pearl to a Pig". What a shame! And, on the other-hand, India has grabbed golden opportunity from our instable and poor government policy. India is highly benefitted.

History of Jewellery

We don't know the exact time since when the ornaments & jewellery was started to use. But, definitely we can imagine that this jewellery culture is far old vedic culture beyond human intellect. The God and Goddess wearing jewellery in several temple statues shows that it is beyond our imagination. And through the remains from archaeological excavation we can definitely say that it is from the beginning of human civilization. Gemstones have fascinated people for thousands of years. In ancient times they were worn as amulets and offering protection from evil spirits. At one time people wear precious jewellery in order to show power and wealth. Now, it has been accepted as fashion because people have started to know beauty of stones. Moreover, gemstones are of great value from the astrological and medicinal point of view. Therefore, people are attracted to gemstones all over the world. Today, gemstones are worn not so much to demonstrate wealth but rather jewellery is bought increasingly for pleasure, curing remedies and in appreciation of its beauty. In short, it expresses and carries the essence of love and vitality. It is most popular among women rather than men.

About Us:

"Almighty God has bestowed Nepalese with immense natural resources. We must let know the Nepali people that we are seated on treasure-trove. "

- Omkar Ananta Khanal

"Gemstones are scattered in the several river- banks of Nepal. I would like to be an eye-opener and make Nepal one of the prosperous countries in the world."

-- Dr. Hari Bhakta Upadhya

"Exploring natural resources and its proper management can make Nepal prosperous within a night."

- Rajesh Shrestha

"On a research trip to Rapti River, Suddenly Mr. Rajesh stopped our car and started to look at the black-topped pebbles. He showed me some Jade and Jasper out from the black topped road. I was so surprised to see that such value-able stones are crushed in the roads of Nepal. I felt so sorry for Nepali peoples' ignorance and Nepal government's stupidity. From that day, I thought to join with above said veterans and contribute my country promoting gemstones of Nepal."

- Mr Tanaka, Japanese expert

"Beautiful collections of Natural gemstones at Tushita-Nepal inspired me to study Gemology. I shall definitely keep nice milestone in the history of Nepalese Gemology."

- Prasamsa Pradhan

Hence, realising immense potentiality to develop Nepal by maximum use of Natural resources, a group of dedicated intellectuals thought to set up this company so that entire Nepalese can be benefitted.

  1. Omkar Ananta Khanal (spiritual master for restoring Peace in Nepal)
  2. Dr. Hari Bhakta Upadhya (Pioneer gemologist of Nepal)
  3. Rajesh Shrestha (tourism entrepreneur and researcher)
  4. Prasamsa Pradhan (Skilful gemstone designer and artist)
  5. Mr Thanaka (Business man with a vision of CSR)

We excavate mines ourselves. Bring to our factory and give shape and design according to customers' desire. We are very much strict in quality production. We do not imitate and sell synthetic gemstones.

Available major gemstones in Nepal
1. Ruby 2. Diamond 3. Emerald 4. Aquamarine 5. Sapphire 6. Kynate. 7. Tourmaline 8. Jade 9 . Jasper 10. Quartz. Etc
Where Gemstones in Nepal?

Precious stones like diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire and semi-precious stones like aquamarine, tourmaline, kyanite, garnet, jade etc are found in various parts of entire Nepal. (a) Ruby is found in the bosom of Ganesh Himal and Dhading. (b) Emerald and Gold can be found in the Kali Gandaki valley. During winter hundreds of family spend months in the river- bank of Kali Gandaki chaffing / filtering gold from the sand. Even, group of Chinese spend whole winter in Rapti and Kaligandaki River just for the same purpose. (c) Diamond has been explored in Everest region. However, proper exploration is yet to be done. (d) Aquamarine & tourmaline: Sankhuwasabha, Langtang valley, Manang and Jajarkot are well known for gem quality aquamarine and tourmaline. Small scale mines of beryl /aquamarine and tourmaline are in operation in Taplajung. (e) Crystals: Beautiful crystals are supposed to be in many places of Nepal; Chhmorong (Kaski), Sirkhu (Taplejung) Raluka (Nuwakot) Rasuwa. However, crystals from Chhomorong Kaski are thought to be the best quality. (f) Jade & Jasper: From the ancient time, Rapti River is known as Ratna Gardawa Khola meaning the river possessing gemstones. As the name says, many gemstones can be found in the river banks of Rapti River. However, Jade and Jasper are found easily almost in every steps of your walk. (g) Garnet: A small scale garnet mines were in operation in Bhote khola, Khining, Sawachi Khani of Sankhuwasabha district of eastern Nepal. (h) Kyanite: Kyanites are carried from Dolakha, Rasuwa, Dhading and Jajarkot areas of Nepal. Too small scale mines are in operation due to poor technology and Nepal government's shadowed plan.

"Prosperous Nepal through promoting Gemstones of Nepal"

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