Yoga-Meditation has been practicing in Nepal since Vedic Culture 28,000 yrs ago archeologically proved. It is the reason Yoga is an integral and deep rooted culture in Nepal. All the Yoga related words are used in our daily conversation too. Vedic literature and Shiva Samita says that Guru Gorakshanath formulated Yoga-Meditation from the beginning of human civilization. This is inevitable to live a healthy and well-disciplined performing 'Dharma', duties and responsibilities with utmost sincerity.

Google and Wikipedia is not the ultimate information source. It is pity that people cannot go before Indus valley civilization (Hindus of India) and again they don't know that those Aryans (meaning well cultured people) were migrated from the Himalayas of Nepal. According to our 'Greater Nepal Map'- (just 80 yrs ago) the border had extended till Kashmir, Tajmahal, Calcutta, eastern Sikkim almost half of India. Moreover, our great emperor Bharat had ruled the whole Indian continent and still his Kingdom Bharatpur lies in Narayanghat district of Nepal. In fact, ancient name of India 'Bharat' (India was the name given by British) inherits from the name of great Bharat.

You need to turn the pages of Vedas and know the origin of Tantra-Yoga- Meditation. All the spiritual path seekers of the world including Jesus Christ and Yogis of India used to come to Nepal- receive immense spiritual vibration in Daman, Tripur, Annapurna and Rishekesh. Remember, Rishikesh is the birthplace of Lord Rishikesh in the river bank of Kaligandaki river - Ruru Kshetra of Palpa-Nepal. In those days, Yogis of India had come there- meditated- felt vibrant spiritual vibration. They could not take the place but adopt the name 'Rishikesh' in present India. It is pity that the whole world is known about the original Rishikesh of Nepal. It is 160 km away from Tushita-Nepal. May you come and discover the facts.

From the time immemorial, Nepal was an independent country; never conquered flickering unique triangular flag with pride and prestige. This is the only country in the world that does not celebrate independent day. This is the pious land blessed by Guru Gorakshanath. It is somewhat disgusting that people are unknown about The Almighty Guru Gorakhanath the father of Tantra-Yoga-Meditation and the pious land Nepal from all it was started for the first time in human civilization- It is ridiculous that western world cannot go beyond Indus valley civilization (Hindus of India), just 3500 yrs ago whereas yoga has a written history of 28,000 yrs ago in Nepal, archaeologically proved. Even, those Aryans (meaning: well cultured people) residing in Indus Valley had migrated from the Himalays of Nepal inheriting rituals / cultures taught in Vedas. The 4 Vedas was compiled by the Veda Vyasa (the father of all the religious texts and scientific discoveries). May the researchers come and discover, Gorkah- Gorakhnath cave, Veda Vyasa's birth place Damauli, Original Rishikesh - birthplace of Lord Rishikesh (Ruru Kshetra of Nepal).

Recently, American army troop discovered an ancient flying machine nearby Afganisthan dating at least 5000 yrs ago but they are unknown that Nepal used to have those flying machine during Mahabharata war. Still we have the name of place Mahabharata hills and Bhardaha named after the scientist Bhardwaj who made flying machines at that time. Recently, Russian archaeologist Chuvyro discovered the most oldest object proving human civilization in the village of Chandra in Baskhortostan- Russia. The finding dates 120 million yrs old and call it 'Daksha Map- the map of creator'. Map contains civil engineering works, a system of channels with a length of 12,000 km, weirs and powerful dams having 1.1 km : 1 scale. It is a 3D map and must have been take from space- aircraft. The discovery has forced the scientist / researchers to scratch head with awe and wonder. However, the Dakshaprajapati has been depicted in Vedas, Puranas, Shree-Swosthani Brata Katha. Shree Swosthani is the name given to the mother of universe and till today Nepalese perform the greatest Pooja for 30 days in January. So, the origin place of Emperor Daksha is but Pokhara valley. May the NASA scientisct and archaeologist of the world come to Nepal- we shall assist for more facts. The above ancient findings as well as yoga related ancient images/ icons have made scientists, archaeologists to scratch and ponder with long sigh.

Bhaktapur - The city of devotees and tantra

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