Astrology is a science studying lights and heavenly bodies; Sun, Moon, Stars and planets. Astrology (Jyotisha) was in practice since the beginning of Vedic culture in Nepal; early to Hindus, Muslims and Christians knew about it. Very later, western world, China and India started to take interest in our Astrological thoughts shown by our saints / sages. Astrology is just a part of Vedas compiled by Veda Vyasa of Nepal approximately 22,000 years ago. Therefore, Nepal is the origin of astrology. It is needless to boast saying- Hindu astrology, Greek astrology, Roman astrology or Chinese astrology. They are the by-products of our Vedic astrology. Nepalese saints brought astrology in practice in order to support Vedic rituals and preparing calendar. Modern science is a tiny dot in comparison to Vedic Astrology. Our astrology has discovered many awesome facts on those days and what the modern science are discovering now.

Today, astrology has become an important facet in the lives of people all over the world. Especially in Vedic culture, newborns are traditionally named based on their Jyotisha charts and organization calendar are made with astrological concepts. They follow astrological concepts in making decisions about marriage and opening a new business of building house. It is a deep rooted culture to them that they first go to astrologer before seeing a doctor. Nevertheless, later Hindus and western world started to believe that heavenly bodies of our universe have an influence throughout the life of human being which they call 'fruit of Karma'. We appreciate the classic thoughts and discoveries from our saints and sages of Nepal.

Palmistry: All our action passions and thoughts leave the traces on the body and hands. Indeed our palm is an open book with words of lines that shows our past fate / destiny. For thousands of years mystics and occultist have experimented with the lines that appear in our hands. Precise understanding of their meaning can predict ones fate. Man has always been fascinated with the questions of his future and the portents of his demise. Somehow, we believe, whole life is ordered and run on the conception that there is a law of causation - each event is linked to some precedent cause, revealing its result on palm lines. It is true that future is the inevitable outcome of the doings today and men's course is determined just as the orbit or the planet determined. No doubt, lines of our palms are the reflections of cause and effects of our life chain. Palmistry is an art science and discovery developed by our saints / sages of

Nepal. As nicely concise description are found in Vedas compiled by Veda Vyasa.


Zodiac Signs Ruling Planet Element Quality Stones
Aries (Mesh) Ram Mars (Mangal) Fire Moveable Coral (Muga)
Taurus (Brish) Bull Venus (Sukra) Earth Fixed Diamond (Hira)
Gemni (Mithun) Twins Mercury (Budh) Air Dual Emerald (Panna)
Cancer (Karkat) Crab Moon (Chandra) Water Moveable Pearl (Moti)
Leo (Singha) Lion Sun (Surya) Fire Fixed Ruby (Manik)
Virgo (Kanya) Girl Mercury (Budha) Earth Dual Emerald (Panna)
Libra (Tula) Balance Venus (Sukra) Air Moveable Diamond (Hira)
Scorpio (Brischik) Scorpio Mars (Mangal) Water Fixed Coral (Muga)
Sagittarius (Dhanu) Bow-Arrow Jupitar (Brihaspati) Fire Dual Topaz (Pokhraj )
Capricorn (Makar) Sea-monster Saturn (Sani) Earth Moveable Sapphire(Neelam)
Aquarius (Kunbha) Pitcher Saturn (Sani) Air Fixed Sapphire (Neelam)
Pisces (Min) Fish Jupiter (Brihaspati) Water Dual Topaz (Pushparaj)

The moon shows the quality of our nurturing capacity. It shows the clarity of perception and peace of mind. The moon is just like the window we look through. Whatever affects the moon, deeply affects our life and outlook. The Moon is considered to be of greater significance than the Sun to the evolution of mankind. This is the reason why vedic astrology calculates moon's movement and nature in reading zodiac. Moon is the seed of all astrological problems. So, our saints gave so much importance and careful judging of the Moon. The influence of the Moon in different signs as calculated by Vedic astrology are;

Aries Moon: Courageous, passionate, unsteady in the mind and liked by women.
Taurus Moon: Tolerant, popular, firm in friendship, loved by ladies , happy moments in middle and end of life.
Gemni Moon: Psychologist, scientist, fond of women, good speaker
Cancer Moon: Astrologer, loyal, owns houses-gardens, motherly affection.
Leo Moon: Women hater, few children, energetic, angry, proud, stomach disease. Mental agony.
Virgo Moon: intelligent, artist, sweet - tongued, daughters and resides outside own country.
Libra Moon: Rich, contented, wanderer, theist- priest, poor in relations.
Scorpio Moon: Respected by family members, liar, often sick.
Sagittarius Moon: Poetic, intelligent, freedom lover, inherits property from father, fair-transparent.
Capricorn Moon: Showy nature, lazy but learned, traveler, enjoys wife and children, cruel and miserly.
Aquarius Moon: courageous, unhappy, deceiving character.
Pieces Moon: Fond of girls, dress- up, traveler, learned.

Note: Vedic astrology observes detail movement of Sun, moon, and Stars where as western astrology calculates Sun's movement only. Therefore, minute and accurate calculation of the Vedic astrology gives perfect zodiac result.

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