MEANING OF YOGA: First of all, people should know that yoga is a pure Sanskrit / Nepali word meaning 'to add'. Till today the word yoga is used in mathematical term for addition in schools of Nepal. So, it clearly says 'yoga' is to add our subtle soul with the supreme soul.

WHAT IS YOGA? Yoga is the journey from the self- through the self and to the self. Flowing with the law of nature and living with joy whatever the situation pain or pleasure is yoga. Indeed, living - being and connecting is Yoga. Performing 'Dharma' (duties and responsibilities) with utmost sincerity as per the teachings is Vedas is yoga in true sense.

ORIGIN PLACE OF YOGA: Almighty Guru Gorakshanath (awakened consciousness of Lord Shiva) taught Hatha Yoga to human beings for the first time to humans in order to be connected and live a well disciplined and healthy life. Pious land of Nepal is the origin place of Tantra, Yoga and Meditation. It is believed that Yoga was in practice 28,000 yrs ago in Nepal. In this regard, Yogi Patanjali, compiler of Patanjali Yog Sutra, is considered as the father of yoga in this modern era. He was born in a tranquil village of Bhojpur district of Nepal. May the world come and discover the fact. Long later, Hindus of India used to come to the Original Rishikesh - the Ruru Kshetra of Nepal in order to learn Vedic culture and practiced yoga. We need to thank the Indian yogis who spread yoga and meditation to the outer world for the noble cause.

WHY YOGA FOR? Yoga is the only royal road to the divine source- supreme consciousness (ultimate salvation). We must live a Yogic life (not with ashes or beard as the Indians do but following the teaching of Vedas) in order to be connected with the Almighty Creator and live a well disciplined - happy- healthy- peaceful life. It is the only key for happiness and peace. Regular practice of Hatha Yoga purifies our body- mind- soul, gives positive thoughts that drives for right action and results good result. Definitely, good result gives satisfaction/contentment and pure consciousness grows naturally. Eventually, self- realization gives happiness and peace in life.

LIMBS OF YOGA: There are 8 limbs of yoga- Yama (self restrain), Niyama (scriptural rules), Asana (sitting posture), Pranayama (breathing exercise), Pratyahara (with-drawl of senses), Dharna (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (salvation) as taught in Goraksha-Samhita. It cannot be called 'yoga' if not followed all the eight limbs. Indian's and Westerners' yoga is no more than a physical exercise (head stand and poses). Only closing eyes and stretching body parts do not make a Yogi. Otherwise, acrobats, athlete, swimmers, football players would be a yogi as they are very physically fit. But, it is not so. People should be aware that we are not only in the body form but mind and soul too. Therefore, yoga is more to focus on purifying our body- mind and soul.

TYPES OF YOGA: GYANA YOGA (knowledge), BHAKTI YOGA (devotion), KARMA YOGA (selfless duty), RAJA YOGA (purity), HATHA YOGA (activating male and female Nadis) are the types of yoga. May you not be confused with the 1080 types of yoga styles as named in India and western countries. People should understand that yoga is just Yoga like we call water for the water. It must not be called with other adjectives otherwise, it sounds like saying Nepali water or British water or American water. I have heard hundred of yoga styles. They must not put adjectives before yoga and pollute in its beauty and essence. People must know that Hatha Yoga is the father of all the yoga styles. If they inhale- exhale from other holes than it can be named with different names but if they do pranayamas through nostrils stimulating Pingala (Ha) and Ida (Tha) nadis; then it is Hatha Yoga- pranayama that up rises Susumna nadi through our body chakras.

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