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Detail explanation can be found in the book Satyam - Sivam - Sundaram

(1) From where the Yoga & Meditation was started?
Yoga and Meditation was started from Nepal. Yoga is a pure Nepali word meaning add + something. Long later, Hindus of India learned our Vedic culture. We appreciate the Yogis of India for spreading the charm and beauty of Yoga & Meditation all over the world. The original Rishikesh lies in Ruru Kshetra of Ridi Nepal.

(2) Who taught Hatha Yoga (father of Yoga) to human civilization?
Guru Gorakshanath taught Yoga and meditation to humans in order to be connected, live a disciplined, healthy and happy life. He is the father of Yoga & Meditation. He taught Hatha Yoga (stimulation Sun & Moon energy through breathing), the father of all the Yoga styles.

(3) Who wrote the 4 Vedas; the father of all the religious texts, scientific discoveries and world literature?
Veda Vyasa wrote the 4 Vedas living inside the cave of Damauli Nepal. It is in the confluence of Madi and Seti River as stated in ancient religious texts of Nepal and India. May all the researcher come and discover the crystal clear evidence so that India cannot lie for long-time.

(4) What are the three colors of Aatma (soul) ?
Ivory white, light blue and light red are the three color of our soul. This can be seen after your opening of Anahata chakra (the heart chakra). Scientist spent billion of dollar for finding human souls but stuck their head. Eventually, they had to ask help with our Vedic knowledge as it is purely spiritual matter and beyond their imagination.

(5) How will you tell people to circumbulate temples (clockwise or Anticlickwise) ?
The flow of nature happens always anti clock wise; earth and galaxy's movement, Thumb chakra, grind stone movement, opening of Screw & water tap, opening of coiled Kundalini happens anti clock wise. Even the vines of any plants move anti clockwise and animals' first sitting posture is the same. Therefore, we have to circulate temple anti clock wise for the activation of positive energy.

(6) Why must not we use mattress during our Yoga practice?
Scientists also proved that our earth generates vibration / energy called 'Aayon'. Use of mattress blocks those vibration / natural energies. Therefore, we must walk with barefoot and let the earth's energy go in through our feet.

(7) Sanskrit is also regarded as 'The Language of Gods' and where was its origin?
When Sanskrit is our language, obviously, Nepal is its origin place. Till now, we study those letters of Sanskrit in our schools. Sanskrit is the father of all the languages of the world. It was started in Nepal since the time immemorial from the Vedic culture.

(8) To whom shall we call Guru?
Guru is the most sacred word on earth meaning the light that can efface darkness. Therefore, Almighty Guru Gorakshanath and Veda Vyasa are the Gurus. You can utter Guru to the Sun, Oil-lamp or candle light because they erase darkness and bring light. But never make blunder calling to (so-called yoga teachers) long bearded man with ashes in his forehead and Rudraksha bead in his neck. They can be your spiritual master, teacher or guide only.

(9) According to the Vedic Sanatan Dharma it is said that the Almighty God has stepped on earth in Kalki Awatar, where is it?
(Kalki Awatar - with the sword in white dress and riding white horse) . Can you guess where is it? Reciting the 10 incarnation of Narayana Vedic texts of Nepal says- Matsya- Kurma- Varahascha- Nrasingha- Bamanstha Ramo- ramscha- ramascha-krishna-buddha - kalki tathaiwacha Yes, the 10th incarnation of the Almighty is Kalki Awatar and he has stepped at Pumdi-Bhumdi- 1, Pokhara Nepal. In a cosmic gallery, tantric sees Guru Gorakshanath in white dress riding white horse and the sword in his hand.

(10) Who are we ?
We are the beautiful creation of the Almighty Sad Guru Gorakshanath (the creator of whole universe). Father and mother are just our media / vehicle to bring us on earth. It is very difficult to understand the intrinsic function of life unless you taste the nectar of yoga and meditation. Consistent of body mind and soul makes our present life. But, the soul never dies because it is pure light of three colors (Ivory white, light blue and maroon red) that came from the universe and returns back at the end.

(11) Why do we suffer?
Nothing in this world happens by chance. We suffer and rejoice as a result of our previous Karma (action). As the saying goes "as you reap as you sow" the law of Karma governs every natural phenomena. Planting a cactus does not yields sunflower. A person goes in prison because of his wrong deeds, a farmer is enjoying golden apple as he had planted few years ago. Just like that the suffering is the bad actions of our past life. We do not remember this unless we master in meditation. The third eye is the black-box of our life that records our every life activities and projects in cosmic gallery. But it can be seen only after the purification of the 'self ' through yoga and meditation.

(12) Where do we come from? What is the purpose of life?
We are but the light and came from universe. NASA scientists have found that 150 stars disappear and another 150 stars emerge everyday. Then, we are human beings. We are made up of pure 5 elements; fire, air, ether, earth and water. Our soul is in the form of light and resides in our body with the help of the five elements. And our purpose of life is to live a well disciplined life following Dharma (duties / responsibility). Dharma (fulfill duty with utmost sincerity) - Artha (involve in work) - Kama (work with utmost passion) -Moksha (liberation). Remember ! for humans, our earth is the best place/stage for liberation. Other creatures have to wait long for rebirth as human-beings.

(13) What happens after death?
This is the biggest mystery for scientists and philosophers because it is beyond their imagination. They talk only material things where as spiritual entity dwells in every material thing and they don't easily believe as they want the evidence in front. Death is not the end of life but just change of existence and beginning of a new life. We take rebirth again and again according to our actions (karma).

(14) Why people are unhappy?
* They are disconnected with the father 'Guru Gorakshanath' the Almighty creator
* They could not keep balance in-between material and spiritual life
* They have not followed the 5 code of ethics and the law of nature
* The are not vegetarians and they collect too much unwanted thing
* They don't do regular physical exercise, Asanas and Pranayamas
* They have high ambition and craving for money- name - fame
* They don't fulfill Dharma (knowing owns duty and responsibility

(15) What is the secret of Happiness and Peace?

Peace is the internal experience where as happiness is external. Understanding the self 'I 'makes you to go for the right action with mindfulness. Consequently, you understand the duties / responsibility and perform with passion that results positive fruit of contentment. Likewise, contentment begets satisfaction and you attain happiness / peace in life.

Yoga & Meditation is the key to happiness and peace because it teaches a well-disciplined life and paves a silken road to divine realm. Take the ladder; Purity - positive thoughts- right action- satisfaction- realization (love yourself)- Happiness and be in the state of PEACE which is possible only by practicing yoga & meditation.

(16) What is the essence of Bhagawat Geeta?
Bhagawat Geeta (the highest form of literature) is the complete knowledge of the absolute truth. It is just a chapter of the epic Mahabharata that had taken place in Nepal in Dwaparyug. Peoples have been fighting for the time immemorial for material gain, status and prestige. It is an unavoidable karmic destiny of human civilization. In order to kill evils- saitans one has to fight for existence. (a) We must perform our duty with utmost sincerity but must not heed result. The result giver is the Almighty god. (b) We came with empty hands and shall return with empty hands. So, why do you worry for past and future if today be sweet. (c) The Almighty is watching you in your every breath /steps; as you sow as you reap. May you thank him for what you have.

(17 ) Does celibacy hinders your spiritual well-being?
We are here to experience each and every object of beautiful creation. Otherwise how do you know the heat of fire, coolness of water, chilling of ice, sorrow of deception, happiness meeting/ love? According to the Veda, not to follow the law of nature is the greatest sin. To remain celibacy not to marry in whole life breaches the law of nature because he /she won't experience real love, life, sex, pain, ecstasy at all. It would be no better than a blind imaging the shape of an elephant.

(18) Who is Bhagwan?
Bhagawn is the person who is taken birth from human yoni and possesses all wealth, strength, fame, beauty, knowledge and renunciation. He is sent by the Almighty creator Sad Guru Gorakshanath as an ambassador for certain purpose. He is fully manipulated but acts with Dharma (knows his duty and responsibility). Lord Ram, Krishna, Buddha are the Bhagawans of different eons; Treta-yug, Dwapar-yug and Kali-yug respectively. The seed is within us- we can be Bhagawan if we perform Dharma absolutely knowing our self.

(19) How to circulate temple while worshiping?
The flow of nature happens always anti clock wise; earth and galaxy's movement, Thumb chakra, grind stone movement, opening of Screw or water tap, opening of coiled Kundalini happens anti clock wise. Even the vines of any plants move anti clockwise and animals' first sitting posture is the same. Therefore, we have to circulate temple anti clock wise for the activation of positive energy.

(20) Why is animal sacrifice in Hinduism?
There was no sacrifice culture in Nepal during Vedic culture. Long later, somehow, the disgusting deed prevailed in Nepalese society too. It is sheer wrong practice of animal sacrifice in Hindus of India. According to our Vedic culture, we need to sacrifice our ego, lust, greed, anger. Jealousy etc not the innocent animals. God /Goddess never accept such sinful act at all. It is the condemning act of so-called pundits when they wanted to make their devils happy while practicing shamanism.

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