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It is clearly believed that Pyramid was built by the Aryans (meaning well-cultured people) who were migrated from the Himalayas of Nepal. Egyptian Pyramid, Mayan Pyramid, Babylonian Zigura (could be Gajura), Hindu Temples all resembles to the Guru Gorakshanath Shikhara Style temples build in ancient Nepal’s Vedic culture. All believe that God lives in high place- sacred mountain Sumeru which is but Mt. Everest in ancient Sanskrit language. Greeks say ‘Olympus’ which has the same meaning to Mt. Sumeru and built in its shape. Shree Yantra was used in the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. The great pyramid of Cheops Egypt has a base angle 51 degree 49 minutes just like the 11,000 yrs old Shree Yantra geometry in large pyramid. Again, Egyptians were aware of Bhagawat Geeta- one of the greatest Vedic texts. In one of the Pyramids dating back to 3000 BC – a verse from Bhagawat Geeta has been quoted as “VASANVSI JEERNAN YATHA VIHAYA NAVANI GHRUNNATI NARO PARANI”. At this moment, this finding has been kept in British museum. The first builder of the Pyramid during the 3rd dynasty of Egypt with Vaishnavite caste marks on his body. River Nile is known as Blue Nile because of its blue color and it is the pure Sanskrit word NILA meaning blue. Ramses (Rama-Seshan) is a title for at least 17th century Kings of Egypt migrated from Nepal. One of the researcher mentioned that it is the name of Rama (Hero of Ramayan).

Thus, no doubt, Pyramids were build by the Aryans migrated from Nepal. Obviously, they inherit culture- tradition learnt from forefathers of Nepal.


Dwarka, the dwelling city of Lord Krishna has been found in the Indian subcontinent recently. Archaeologists say that the city was highly advanced with amazing technologies including flying aircrafts. Ancient sites like Dwarka and ancient artifacts that mankind is just now beginning to unmask all over the globe in any angle to the fact that in the far distant past (though modern science does not account for) there was a far more advanced civilization existed on earth before us. Indeed, this kind of subjects has been repeatedly talked in Vedas. Moreover, the recent Bible also talks the same thing on genesis: chapter 6 about the ancient Sumerians and they were no other but used to live around Mt. Everest. Modern scientists were just known to the Giza Pyramid as the ancient findings. But, that title now goes to dark when a set of five megalithic pyramids found beneath the earth with a complex labyrinth of tunnels connecting them….? ? ?

Vedic texts (later followed by the Indians) especially the Mahabharata epic, describes the devastation and destruction of human civilization. Atlantis, rather displeased at its humiliating defeat, deceived that they were no longer interested in subjugating the Rama Empire (Greater Nepal including today’s India) and decided instead to annihilate the major cities using weapons of mass destruction. Sanskrit scholars could not comprehend what was being described in the epics until the dropping of the first atomic bombs on Japan. These are the verses; “Gurkha, flying a swift and powerful Vimana (fast aircraft) hurled a single projectile (rocket) charged with the power of the universe (nuclear device). An incandescent column of smoke and flame, as bright as ten thousand suns, rose with all it’s splendor. “ … The Mahabharata Indeed, this story is said to originate approximately 24,000 years ago. If this is true- than we are not the most advanced human civilization at all.


Our History tells us that humans are dated to 200,000 years ago. Genetic measurements indicate that the ape lineage which would lead to Homo Sapiens around 6 million years ago. It is believed that modern humans arose from Africa into the frost free zones of Europe and Asia around 60,000 years ago. They also developed language in the Palaeolithic Period. Early artistic expression can be found in the form of cave paintings and sculptures made from wood and bone showing spirituality- generally interpreted as animism/ Shamanism.

However, Daksha Stone Map in 3D Version has astonished entire world. It was found in the village of Chandra –Bashkortostan, Russia recently. Daksha Stone Map is a unique artifact of unknown origin dated back to 120 million years ago. Russian historian Vakhrushev had already mentioned this unique finding in 1921 but long later Professor Chuvyrov of Bashkir state university brought out with crystal clear evidence. The Map contains civil engineering works, a system of channels with a length of 12,000 km, weirs and powerful dams having 1.1 km : 1 scale. It is a 3D map and must have been take from space- aircraft. The discovery has compelled the scientist / researchers to scratch head and ponder with awe and wonder. However, the Dakshaprajapati has been depicted in Vedas, Puranas, Shree-Swosthani Brata Katha. Shree Swosthani is the name given to the mother of universe and till today Nepalese perform the greatest Pooja for 30 days in January till today. According to the Vedic texts (long later Hindus of India also followed), Daksha is one of the sons of Lord Brahma residing in the Himalayas of Nepal who after creating the 10 Manas Putas created Daksha Dharma, Kamdev and Agni from his right thumb chest heart and eyebrows respectively. Even the spiritual masters and yogis believe that Daksha might have resided in North East of today’s India. So, the origin place of Emperor Daksha is but Pokhara valley. May the NASA scientists and archaeologist of the world come to Nepal. I shall assist for more facts.

Greater Nepal (whole Indian sub-continent) used to be ruled by King Bharat later called Bharat Barsha. His kingdom was in Bharatpur- Narayanghat Nepal just 130 km away from Pokhara. Similarly, Russia was called Stri Barsha because of women’s ruling. Lake Baikal was Vaikanasa Tirtha (pilgrimage site). Arkaim city in Russia was built in Mandala design (taught in Rig Veda) called the Swastika City as taught in Rig Vedic. It is believed that Daksha hid in Antarctica fearing Lord Shiva’s wrath. Swastika sigh was found submerged in Antarctic Ice. Yes, considering these facts- it can be said that Daksha created the 3 D Map of The Creator. Hence, it is indisputable evidence of the existence of an ancient – highly developed civilization.

This is the hill that Hanumana had carried during treatment to lord Rama.

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