Mysterious Mind

Level of the Mind: Human body is consisting of body, mind and soul. We need to understand that we are not only the body (heap of bones, nerves, flesh and skin). Without mind and soul our body is just a corpse. All three things are deeply co- related and intrinsic to life. Mind has different levels; conscious, sub-conscious and super conscious. The higher level you reach the calmer and blissful moment you experience. And it is the ultimate goal of human life. However, people cannot go to super conscious level easily- they are trapped with conscious and sub-conscious mind. The third level is the state of supreme bliss and beauty from where one can experience divine energy. It is the state of fully awakened mind and can know past and future. A person reaching in this level realizes that conscious and sub-conscious mind level body is no more than a "living dead".

Our spiritual journey begins with our material body. Indeed, our body is the vehicle to reach spiritual destination. Body purification is very important before starting spiritual journey. Becoming vegetarian, body cleansing and performing right actions is the first steps for body purification. It is important that our each and every body actions affects our mind because mind drives our body.

Among our body parts "Pineal Gland" is the most mysterious organ. We can develop to open the dormant power of Pineal Gland (The Third Eye) by practicing Yoga and meditation. It is the fully awakened state which is deeply connected with the mind and can know past, present and future. After a long research, scientists have found the fact of Pineal Gland - size of a pea located in the right back of our forehead. Opening of Pineal Gland "The Third Eye " is the ultimate goal of Yoga.

Conscious mind: The conscious mind level moves in our awaken state and it is fully in our control. The conscious mind generates innumerable wants, desire, thoughts. Identity of conscious mind is willingness. It flows with feeling and sensation in our body. It fully governs our body and ushers bodily movement accordingly. It seeks bodily pleasure.

Sub- conscious mind: Memory and contemplation flows in the sub conscious level of mind. Recalling past, hypnosis, planning and dreaming happens in the sub-conscious level of mind. It is not in your control like conscious level of mind. It can be happened at once without your effort. Sub-conscious mind has vital role in our life. If the thought do not flow in sub-conscious level then people suffer from mental disorder immediately. Therefore, dreaming, imagination and recollection of past is very important for a healthy life. Even, the spiritual guidance occurs in the sub-conscious level of mind. Super Conscious Mind: It is the most mysterious level of mind which has no beginning and ending. It is timeless, infinite and merged with divine source. The existence of super conscious level of mind remains all the time- birth or death does not affect at all. Indeed, it is the part of cosmic energy that leads to divine source. Inner inspiration in dream, instinct, telepathy and divine blessing occurs in the super conscious level of mind. Scientific research shows that the occurrence of super conscious level of mind happens eight / ten times in our life. Therefore, it is we to experience the rhythmic flow of it. It is very useful in finding objects in space/ universe. Fortuneteller uses this level of mind in his prophecy connecting divine energy. Use of drugs can show the glimpse of super conscious level of mind but cannot take to inner world. The Yoga and Meditation only can pave smooth path to super conscious level of mind and experience eternal truth, bliss and beauty. The super conscious level of mind can watch even the movement of Nebulas, all the rays and waves of the universe. A man experiencing this level of mind becomes full of wisdom; he who understands time, life and death. He has no longings in material belongings, perishable wealth and beauty. He uses just as a tool to move, he does not make aim. He has no cravings at all.

Thus, wisdom creates indifference like Siddhartha Gautam had for wealth and comfort of his palace. Those people love life very much and engage in search of truth and happiness. But, no attachments in worldly belongings at all. Experience everything but not to cling on to it will lead you happiness. This is the beginning quality of the super conscious level of mind; ultimately- tender beam of divine source.

SOUL: We do not die; we change body. The Soul has three colors- light blue, light red and cream white. Remember, the three color goes into our body when we born.

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