Realizing the necessity of Yoga Sadhana for all humans, we have built Yoga Ashrams in Bhojpur, Pokhara, Daman, Dharke, Lumbini, Sworgadwari and Devghat. We are planning to extend selfless service (ignoring political borders) global village. We have trained and kept well-disciplined yoga master in every place who follows the teachings of Vedas. You may be surprise not to see ashes on forehead and beard in them. Living a simple life and dedicating for our organization's vision and goal.

  1. DAMAN: From where Mahabharata was started
  2. BHOJPUR: The birthplace of Yogi Patanjali (the father of modern Yoga)
  3. POKHARA: On the lap of Dhaulagiri, Goddess Annapurna & Machhapurchhre
  4. RISHIKESH: The birthplace of Lord Rishikesh
  5. DAMAULI: The birthplace of Veda Vyasa who compiled the 4 Vedas and 18 Puranas
  6. DHARKE : From where vibrant cosmic energy starts to flow on earth
  7. LUMBINI : The birthplace of Lord Buddha
  8. SWORGADWARI: Where Semi-God/Goddesses change their formal dress
  9. DEVGHAT: Where ancestors receive offering and get salvation
  10. BARAHACHETTRA: Where the 3rd incarnation of Narayan (Vishnu) took place
  11. ENGLAND: In the heart of London City
  12. GERMANY : Tranquil valley of Oldenberg
  13. NETHERLAND: In the Tulip farms of Amsterdam
  14. AMERICA: In a quiet countryside of California and Florida
  15. AUSTRALIA: Canberra and Brisbon
  16. JAPAN : Tokyo and Osaka
  17. RUSSIA : In the capital city Moscow
  18. CHINA : In the capital city Beijing
  19. INDIA : Tajmahal - Agra & Rishikesh (after name taken from Rishikesh of Palpa-Nepal),
  20. AFGHANISTHAN: In the capital city of Bagdad

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