Sora Shrestha's Campaign
Namaste ! I am Sora Shrestha from Tushita- Nepal, daughter of Rajesh Shrestha and Gyanu Shrestha. I would like to talk about etiquette and moral education so that we can save nearly 1,200,000,000 rupees every year and the investment is Zero. You might have seen people leaving a bit of rice and vegetables in eating plates everyday or huge heap of food in picnic or parties. If we calculate the waste food valuation in rupees, we Nepali people throw food worth more than 12 Arab rupees every year. Isn't it pity? Shameful? Surprsing? Disgusting?
Sora is a courageous girl
Her campaign interview taken from several national newspaper and magazines in Nepal.

Gyanu Shrestha's Campaign; SEED FOR CHANGE Let's distribute a pair of seeds for change (seed of any). Planting seed creates beautiful ideas and at the same time we plant positive thoughts too. I have been distributing various seeds since 2002 for the good change in our society. Will you do the same!

LET'S PLANT TREES IN OUR BIRTHDAYS I am Abhilekh Shrestha, Son of Rajesh Shrestha and Gyanu Shrestha. I am studying in grade 3 now. I sometime think how beautiful our world would be if people plant fruit trees in birthdays. This year (2015) I have planted KIWI and CINAMON. I would like to encourage all the people to plant trees in our birthdays because;
It makes environment green / healthy
It gives us oxygen
It stops landslide
It gives shelter to animals, birds and butterflies
It provides us timber
It gives us fruits for us and other living creature

Yadav Shrestha's Campaign: RUDRAKSHA PLANTATION
Mr. Yadav Shrestha has planted 355 Rudraksha seed in 2012 in his homeland Bhojpur; as Bhojpur is the origin place of Rudraksha.


As the saying goes; "What we eat what we are" our body and mind functioning totally depends on what we consume in food and drink. Vedic text recommends to be vegetarian for a healthy living. Meat is not meant for humans as we do not have big teeth like of lion-tiger-cat- wolf. Even the medical doctors suggest not to take alcohol, tobacco, meat because 99.9 percent of disease are due to such disgusting consumption. Moreover, fat and read meat takes more than 72 hours to digest while green leaves and fruits takes not more than 12 hours. People can feel the difference easily. No need to explain much. Just they cannot avoid because of ignorance and taste for tongue. Police record shows that all the violence, accidents and rape cases occur while drinking alcohol. Comparing to meat eaters, vegetarian people have less ego, lust, anger and greed. All the Chronic disease, mental emotions can be cured just by becoming vegetarian. Therefore, it is an appeal to start a vegetarian life from today- for a healthy body and mind- happy life.

Even in western countries people have become vegetarian for many reasons; including health, religious conviction, concerns about animal welfare. Vegetarianism has become more appealing and accessible to all society. Approximately, 8 million adults in the USA only have become vegetarian. They have known the essence of Ayurveda now. Whereas in the land of Buddha- killing animals for meat products is somewhat paradox and it is out of Vedic practice.

So Why Vegetarian?

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