Sat Guru Gorakh!

Meaning: deep respect to the life energy residing inside you.

May the divine energy guide you in Nepal for the noble cause because it shall be the matter of pride to learn/ practice yoga-meditation in the pious land from where yoga-meditation had started. We appreciate your strong perseverance and willingness in yoga. If you wish to go in depth, at least 3 month time is needed. One month course is designed for beginners or just new yoga teachers in order to furnish knowledge / skill. We can give the certification of participation but not yoga teacher certificate. In one month course it is not possible to provide certificate - Yoga is a too vast ocean plunge into- not only stretching legs or breathing exercise as practiced by Indians and westerners. Yoga is more to focus on purifying body-mind and soul. You need to know devotional activities uttering mantras (email address to reach God) in order to connect with the Almighty. Knowing Vedas (book of Knowledge) is very important. For this, you shall be able to read sanskrit / theology texts... and explore yourself. It would be like "digging your own well."

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On request you can start teachers training course on any SUNDAY THROUGHOUT THE YEAR too. May you take a little time and go through the below lines for good understanding.

  1. Tushita-Nepal is a place for PURIFICATION, RECEIVE SPIRITUAL VIBRATION (I cannot say now- but Tantric know once they enter our gate) and receive BLESSING FROM ALMIGHTY GURU GORAKSHNATH.
  2. Check in only on SUNDAY throughout the year. (2 to 6 pax only at a time) Weather: moderate climate/ temperature throughout the year Altitude: Just 1111 meter from the sea level.
  3. Accommodated according to the zodiac sign / ruling planet only.
  4. Shoes off / Mobile off / Self service is the basic rules. Mobile and Email time after breakfast and Lunch 1 / 1 hour
  5. You need to think your own home and learn more BHAKTI YOGA (devotion), KARMA YOGA (selfless duty), GYANA YOGA (knowledge), RAJA YOGA (purity), HATHA YOGA (activating male and female nadis).... all the types of yoga.
  6. 3 month course shall be intermediate/ 6 month shall be diploma level. 3 years course for YOGACHARYA.. Unlike to other yoga schools - we go in depth - high level discourse, These are taken by me - Yogi Panchavedi ! Of course we do Pranayamas & Asanas but we focus on purifying body-mind- soul and path to peace & realization (no relaxation and happiness...please !)
  7. Before starting course at Tushita-Nepal, you need to have commitment for starting vegetarian life- and yogic life following the 5 code of ethics as taught in Vedas. Then, you can open an authentic yoga studio in your place - rather stretching legs /arms like an acrobat. We would like you to be a real Yogi (connected with the Almighty Creator) not like bogus- business oriented as seen in India western world. It is very difficult to find authentic Yogis. This does not mean that you must not look for money. "No-" you need to earn money but with ethics as taught by Vedas.
  8. Not blowing own trumpet, we are in the classic location having unique features;

    Please Watch Himalaya View from Tushita- Nepal www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLXLa-nna4k https://nepalyogaretreats.wordpress.com/ Next, one of my colleague FLYING YOGI takes only the Tantra part - it is more to shamanism -distant healing. but you need to be in the river banks at midnight. Will you be ready to do so? Just for the basic course- we do here... Better not to go for Tantra part now. Once you complete first level course, then you may think of going to that portion

Book yoga retreats in Nepal

During the teachers' training course;

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