Vedic Sanatan Dharma

Fraternity, peace & harmony are on the verge of turmoil/existence for not knowing the truth of Vedic Sanatan Dharma. The so-called pundits had concealed Gayatri Mantra and interpreted Dharma in their own style which has mislead people and left in dilemma. It is almost like three blinds guessing shape of an elephant. Therefore, realizing the inevitability to let the people know about the facts of Vedic Sanatan Dharma I am compelled to write this article for the noble cause. It shall be our utmost responsibility to live a well disciplined life understanding the essence of Vedic Sanatan Dharma.

Vedic: Society and culture according to the teachings of Vedas

Sanatan: From the time immemorial, coeval to nature's existence

Dharma: Be responsible perceiving the intrinsic quality, move on right path obeying the law of nature and ready to accept the result of action.

Hence, if we go with the above said meaning, Vedic Sanatan Dharma is the spiritual practice since the time immemorial. Vedas are the ocean of knowledge and the most beautiful path to be with divinity. Vedas used to be on air till previous eons. And on Tretayug of these eons- Veda Vyasa (born in Damauli-Nepal) wrote 'The Four Vedas' in Sanskrit language. These days, western world have been saying Sanskrit as the language of Gods. Vedas are the father of all the religious texts, world literature and scientific discoveries. It is meant for the welfare of whole mankind; describing noble to be with The God, Yoga & Meditation, Astrology, Ayurveda, Vastushastra (Fengsui), The Law of Nature, worshiping rituals and what not. Non-the less, preparation of well disciplined life, consciousness awakening and self- realization is the sole theme of Vedas. It is the main root of all the prevailing religious groups of the world.

What is Dharma?

General people have been thinking that Dharma is mostly wearing maroon robe with ashes on forehead and Rudraksha bead on neck. It might be the process of self purification but not Dharma at all. "Dharma Dharayete Iiti Dharma", as the noblest of literature Holy Geeta- Dharma is to be responsible in fullest knowing owns intrinsic quality. Dharma of water is to quench thirst / cool. Fire burns rich- poor; mine or yours as the Dharma of fire is to burn. Likewise, Dharma of a judge is to provide justice, Dharma of a policeman is to maintain law and order, Dharma of a politician is to serve nation / people with utmost dedication and the Dharma of a King is to be a beloved father of owns citizens. Existence eliminates if Dharma is not maintained. As the saying goes- "as you reap as you sow" Sunflower cannot be imagined to harvest planting a Cactus. Unfortunately, general people did not know the true meaning/essence of Dharma and keep on committing evil deeds. This has created hatred and indifference towards Dharma among common people.

Thus, Vedic Sanatan Dharma is the root of all the spiritual networks aimed for civilized society and showing right path of salvation. Unlike to ordinary Dharma practice followed by certain race and community, Vedic Sanatan Dharma worships the Sun, the five elements of nature and teaches to follow the law of nature. Obviously, no existence of living things can be imagined in absence of the Sun. Sat Guru Gorakhnath Baba is the creator of the whole universe and Shiva is the Soul of all the beings. Lord Vishnu is regarded as the preserver and Maheshwor as a destroyer but for the new creation. The In time, place and circumstance- Devas, Saints, prophets and peace preacher come down to earth as an ambassador of the Almighty Gorakshanath. All the prophets say "I am the son of God". Almighty God is the divine light and resides in our every cell. Some atheist may keep on criticizing and asking silly questions but later he realizes that I am ruled invisible power and guided with the law of nature. Spirituality is intrinsic to all physical entities. All the religious groups are the members of OMKAR FAMILY. It may differ in pronunciation but all the religious group utter OM sound, worship totems, Serpents, Trident and Shiva lingam. Therefore, we must not be confused; Vedic Sanatan Dharma is the religion of humanity, paving avenues to divinity. It is believed to be in practice from 300,000 years ago. Archaeological evidence too shows that Vedic Sanatan Dharma has a history over 185,000 years and the origin is the holy land of Nepal. It is the root of all the prevailing religious groups viz; Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Tao, Shikh, Zen etc. It may differ in methods of worshipping among such religious groups because of time, place and language but the essence, ethics and destination is same- Self Realization & Salvation as taught by Vedic Sanatan Dharma.

The origin of Vedic Sanatan Dharma is the holy land Nepal. She used to be called Satyawati, Tapowati, Muktidayani and Nepal in Satyayug, Tretayug, Dwapar yug and Kaliyug respectively. All religious groups emerged from Nepal in the beginning. Therefore, it is no harm to have religious freedom in Nepal if follow their own noble ethics, give continuity to own cultures and worship ancestors, Nagas (serpents).

It does not look nice if one cast imitates others rituals/ cultures or if Christians follow Muslim rituals. All is fine whatsoever people follow. Way of celebration may differ but the essence, code of ethics and destination is same. All the religion talk on moral ethics, benevolence, right path, humanity, results of action and way to divinity. Nepal is a common pavilion of all the prevailing religious groups. Religious issues must not be politicalised. Nepalese people are now aware and cannot be deceived again and again. It will be futile attempt of those dunce leaders for underestimating Vedic Sanatan Dharma.

HINDUISM: A deep research shows that the totem worshippers Aryans were migrated from Himalayan foothills of Nepal and settled at Shindu (Indus Valley) - in between India and Pakistan. Persian could not pronounce 'S' sound properly and started to call Hindus for Sindus (people of Sindu). Remember, the word Hindu is not found in any old dictionaries of India and Nepal. Contemporary Indians (Hindus) started to follow Vedic cultures of Sindus; totems worshipping, divine teachings, yoga & meditation. Archaeologically, Hindu's history is not more than 2000 B.C Those legacies of Hindus were carried out by Vivekananda, Sankaracharya etc and tried to establish a religious sect with 'Hindu' brand name and aimed for harmonious society. But, the cultures and festivals of Hindus are the old of the oldest practices carried all the way from Vedic Culture. Ramayana epic is the depiction of Tretayug Lord Ram's reign while as Mahabharata epic is another depiction of the battle fought in Dwaparyug in-between the five Pandavas and Kauravas. For instance, " Deusire! Bali Rajale Pathayeka." the verse uttered in Depawali has been played since Tretayug (36,000 years ago). How could you believe that Dipawali is the festivals of Hindus just started 4000 years ago? The world 'Hindu' was known for Nepal only after the visit of Pandit Sankaracharya. Before that, Nepal was addressed as "Vedic Sanatan Dharma Nepal Rastra". Therefore, if heed for false rumor and their tricky behavior; Christians distributing bibles and Hindus distributing our own aged-old Geeta is the same in essence. They have tried to create a mirage among Nepalese by saying "Moon in the Noon". It is just like you see bride coming to her birth-home but not noticing that she had married and went to her husband's house first. Indeed, Hindus had burrowed our Vedic culture and unknowing we are following the same culture in the name of Hindu brand-name. We are charmed from those Hindus alluring slogans forgetting our ancestor's pride and prestige. Some-how, they have named 'Vedic Sanatan Dharma Hindu' but which again is laughable statement just like saying "new old sweet house." How the Hindus (having history of just 4000 yrs) dare to compare with the ancient civilization of Vedic culture that dates back to 164,000 years archaeologically proved? May all be known !

BUDDHISM: It is the religion of compassion started approximately 2526 years ago. Prince Siddhartha gave up all the luxurious living and went to forest in search of truths. After deep meditation he got enlightened and started preaching 4 noble truth and the eight -fold path. Now, the world knows him as the "light of the world- Ambassador of Peace for entire world". Ashoka's Pillar erected in the premises of Lumbini garden scribbled "Dewana Piyena Piyedasina" is the greatest proof that Buddha was born there. Despite of having crystal clear evidence, India fools the world by constructing duplicate Lumbini in India. What a disgusting act?

Next, Vedic Puranas have stated Buddha as the 9thth incarnation of Lord Bishnu saying" Matsya Kurmo Barahascha, Narasingh Bamana: Ramo Ramascha Krishna Buddha Kalki Tathaivacha". Thus, Buddhism is a branch of Vedic Sanatan Dharma. Started from the Lumbini of Nepal, now it is has spread to Tibet, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Laos, Indonesia, Srilanka, India and many European countries. It is emerging as one of the most popular religion in the world. Entire world is lured by Buddhism but it is sad that people do not know it is the branch of our Vedic Sanatan Dharma.

ISLAMISM: This religion was started just about 1450 years ago by Paigumbar Muhambamad. The divine God 'Allah' of Islam is but the night energy of Guru Gorakshanath. It is the reason why Muslims pray the Moon. There is no difference in the celebration of "Iid' of Muslims and the 'Teej' festival of Nepalese women. Fasting practice, uttering AUM sound, Shiva-Linga & moon worshipping- the essence is the same. Moreover, Teej and Iid felt on the same day 2 years ago. The holy text of Muslims 'Kuran' is a part of Vedic Puran. Just the pronunciation varied in course of time and place. Forefathers of Muhammad were Brahmans. And, the top priest of Muslims like Mallik Muhammad Rahim and Raskhan were genuine devotee of Lord Krishna. Muslim call 'Maula' to a person who guides to the God's door and a wooden pillar kept in the middle of a pond is also called 'Maula' in Nepalese society which bear the same meaning. Muslims 'Ramzan festival' is a spiritual awareness campaign to know Lord Ram who was the mighty King of Treta-yug according to Vedic Puran. Muslim worship Makkeshwor Shivalinga (the name Mecca derived from Makkeshwor) which is again one of the Shivalinga among 64 Shiva-Linga as depicted in Nepal's Vedic Puran. Trident is kept on the top of Mosque for sweeping human sorrows just like we do in Nepal. It has been archaeologically proved that the 7th wonder Taj Mahal used to be Alankeshwor Shiva Temple of ancient time. Tejo Mahalaya is addressed for Shiva's divine light in Sanskrit language which later became Tejo Mahalaya, Tejo Mahalaya = Taj Mahal after pronunciation change. It is just like calling 'Lahure' for a person coming from Lahore district. Non-the-less, archaeologist of American research team proved that the door used in Taj Mahal was 300 years older than its builder Shahajaha. How come? Trident atop and the entire construction of Taj Mahal is alike to the Shikhar style of Gorakhnath temples of Nepal built according to Vedic Vastu Shastra (fengsui).

Thus, Islamism is also an integral part of Vedic Sanatan Dharma. In the beginning, it seems that Maulans (Muslim priest) followed the foot-prints of Vedic Sanatan Dharma but later so called pundits diverted interpretation and tried to make it different look. Indeed, Muslims are our brothers because Nepal government provide special fund to Nepalese Muslims for those who go to pay homage in Mecca every year.

CHRISTIANITY: You might not have known the truth that founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ had come to Nepal - received blessing from Guru Gorakshanath and learnt Yoga & Meditation on the foothills of mighty Himalaya. Inscription stated "Ishaputranchma Biddi Kumari Garbha Sambhvam" clearly shows that he was in Kathmandu valley and paid homage to the Living Goddess Kumari too. Various researchers have proved that his 18 years of mysterious life was spent on the mighty Himalayas of Nepal wandering in search of truth. During that period, the teaching of Lord Krishna was in the pinnacle of popularity. Jesus Christ was also very much impressed by the teaching of Lord Krishna (Kurisuna+nity) and determined to preach the truths to western worlds. Mispronunciation of Kurisuna+nity - Kurisuna + nity became Christianity. The teachings and the essence of Christianity is just as the same like of Vedic Sanatan Dharma. Jesus Christ was also born in Brahman Aryan family. His mother Mary's statue wearing Nepali dress Sari- Cholo has been kept in Macmillan Church. Jesus's statue kept in Munich Art Gallery also depicts alike to Brahman son with Janai (sacred thread in neck) and cusp. The Nepali word Santa (sage) turned into saint (St.) and likewise Pujari word (priest) turned into Padari and later father as because of foreign language pronunciation. Residence of Pope Vetican city is also derived from Batica City + Batika city = Vatican city (adding adjective on to it) which means city of garden in our Sanskrit language. Moreover, the thorny vein used in Jesus head during crucifixion was taken from Nepal. Till today, tantric use that thorny vein named Kukur Diana for repelling evil spirits. It seems that the name of Prince Diana has been taken from the name of Kukur Diana. Jesus took his last breath at the age of 70 in Srinagar- Kashmir pious land of Nepal. Still his tomb can be seen and this place lies in Nepal according to the greater Nepal map.

Thus, Christianity has also followed the pure foot-prints of our Vedic Sanatan Dharma. The source of Bible is here in Nepal. The difference is that Bible is written in English but the essence has been taken from our Vedas. Therefore, I personally request to all the Nepalese not to be rude to Christians. They are also our own brothers. The secret of making blissful destination to Nepal is that the Garden of Eden, as described in Bible, is Trivenidham of Nawalparasi Nepal. All the tantric have known this truth and archaeological evidence has proved almost 95 % to the above statement. I have explained detailly in one of my book entitled - Satyam Sivam -Sundaram.

Non-the less, Jesus studied Vedas ardently. After visiting Rajgiri, Kashi, Haridwar, Bodhgaya, Rishikesh, Amarnath, Jagannath (Nepal's land according to the greater Nepal map), he came to Muktinath, Pashupatinath and Inareshwor at Daman. During this spiritual journey he had reached up to Tibet. After deep research of 40 years Dr. Notowich has unmasked the unknown life of Jesus. Orthodox followers of Old testament did not like activities of Jesus and accused him being revolutionary as a result he had to be crucified. His enemies had buried him thinking he is dead but fortunately, Jesus woke up alive because of Yoga practice he had mastery over breath control. Then at once, his disciples had fled him to Nepal. In his research book 'Mysterious life of Jesus' Dr. Spencer has stated that Jesus had spent his life span from age 13 to 30 in the Himalayas of Nepal for Veda study and practicing yoga-meditation. And, he did not die in the cross but willingly he took his last breath completing 60- 70 years of his age at Srinagar- Kashmir that lies in Nepal according to the greater Nepal map. Therefore, may the disappointed Christians receive crystal clear evidence and know the unknown life of Jesus.

Zen Religion: Yoga and mediation is our Vedic culture and it teaches a well disciplined life and paves silk-road toward divine soul. The whole world is lured by Yoga and meditation now. Hatha Yoga taught by Guru Gorakshanath is the father of all the yoga styles. Buddhism also takes yoga & mediation to be meant for a moral life and teaches Vipassyana following basic techniques of Hatha Yoga. During Buddha's period, Chinese learnt Yoga and experienced bliss. But, because of language pronunciation, they uttered Zhyang. Till now, Chinese cannot pronounce properly and say Zhyang for Dhyan (meditation). Japanese also learnt this culture when they were in China during war but could not pronounce properly and uttered Zen. Thus, Zen is not a religion but yoga and meditation- an integral part of Vedic culture. The main activities of Zen religion is purification through meditation.

Therefore, no matter what religion, all are directl / indirectly connected with our Vedic Sanatan Dharma. A group of people wearing Janai is said Jain. All the religious groups are the member of Omkar family. All they follow the law of nature and worship totems, Shiva-linga, Sun, Moon, Trident, Conch, Swastika Sign, Thunderbolt, Wheels etc. just like of Vedic Sanatan Dharma. No doubt, Nepal is the Pavilion of all the prevailing religion of the world and the ultimate destination too. No religious clashes shall occur if every religion follow the code of ethics taught by their religious text / priests. Those people ignoring humanity shall be punished severely. Nepalese may not become slaughtering goats while fulfilling ego, greed and ambition of certain foolish leaders. Nepal is an independent peaceful country from the time immemorial. Nobody shall dare to keep vulture's eye to our country thinking as their own legacy. Such ill behavior, eventually, ruin themselves. We wish for happiness of all as the Sanskrit saying "Sarve Bhawantu Sukhina"It is the pious land of Guru Gorakshanath, origin place of Vedic Sanatan Dharma.- the land of Devas, saints and sages. This is let known that, Guru Gorakshanath has stepped in Nepal for restoring peace and harmony among human beings. Glorious Shikhar style temple of Guru Gorakshnath is being built at Daman from where OM sounds started to swirl for the first time in the world. Hence, I urge every Nepali to understand the truth and imagine for beautiful Nepal. Divine light is within you- just lit it sincerely and with acute prudence.

-Yogi Panchavedi

Gorakh Sambat: 2808-10-12

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