Everybody in this world is craving for happiness and peace but out of reach. They are somehow disconnected with the Almighty Creator, against the law of nature and unknown about the self because of ignorance which is the main cause of all the sufferings. Knowledge is light that can efface fear, ego, lust and anger. All know "Health is Happiness" but very few know that healthy mind-body and soul (the three entities) is sine-qua-non for happiness and peace. Yoga and meditation balances spiritual life and material life, gives positive thoughts and contentment. It purifies body-mind and soul. After the 3 Great Realization people shall get the key of happiness and peace. And, a well civilized society can be thought for caring, sharing and growing together with love and light.


Crown of the World- Nepal and Restoration of World Peace...

Temple of Sat Guru Gorakshanath, Daman, Nepal, where 3 OM appeared during its grand pooja on Mangsir 21, 2072 (December 7, 2016). It is said that Jesus Christ spent six months in this place for yoga & meditation during his 18 years of his mysterious life.

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