Welfare Activities

(1) PERMACULTURE (Solution for sustainability):
Therefore, we have started ECO FARM as a learning platform for the farmers of Nepal. It can be an agricultural museum for the foreigners too. We have been receiving guest for Eco Farm visit and farm stay in order to experience Nepalese agriculture system. Visit at: www.ecofarmnepal.com

Climate change has become global problematic issue. And, understanding its worse impact, Tushita travel puts its strength in environment conservation as a result; tree plantation and civic awareness campaign are its active role played in the society. We have planted more than 7000 trees within 5 years. This teaches people not only to plant trees for the green world but also to plant new ideas "creativity". We make 'cotton bags' & 'Green T-Shirts' written "SAVE OUR EARTH" and distribute among school students in order to make them environmentally aware

Beautiful lake Fewa was loosing its charm & beauty just because of Water Hyacinth spread. Therefore, encouraging tourism related organization 2 days hyacinth remove program was organized. Just not removing it, we have tried for making compost and succeeded. We took 30 % of the wastage in Eco Farm for compost. In this context, Tushita Travel provides Rs 10,000 every year to the Fewa Boat Club for Fewa lake environment conservation.

We have to recognize and accept God gifts. Spreading this important message, we have been encouraging villagers to use solar energy for the natures shake. Even, we have used Solar for cooking, boiling, drying and hot bath purpose. Alternative energy like of Wind energy, bio- gas and solar energy keeps a society well balanced. Mr. Allart www.solarcooking.wikia.com and Mr Sanu Kaji of FOST is providing technical support in this regard.

We have cultivated mushrooms in straw and supplied to Tushita Organic Restaurant. And from this year 2009 we have started Shiitake Musroom cultivation in alder logs encouraging Thak Village people. As an experimental phase we have cultivated just in 2000 logs. Altitude of 1800 m and deep jungle has been chosen for the site. Mr. Tika Aryal and Mina Gurung have provided technical and financial support for this project. Our sincere thankfulness goes to Thanaka company & Nava Farm for technical skill assistance and Mr Fuino for co-ordination.

Approximately 61 % women of Nepal are illiterate and helpless. All they have to depend upon elder family or husband. Therefore, in order to empower women we frequently organize skill transformation program, education classes. We take volunteers and technical expert for their moral and financial support. For instance, Women civic conscious development Nepal and Women Skill development have played vital role in women empowerment where as Tushita does networking.

No doubt, without the sound education in every child we can not expect Nepal's bright future. Therefore, Tushita organizes volunteer groups and takes to villages in order to built infrastructures / library / income generating sources. To name few, Buddha Foundation Japan has provided technical support in making Japanese hand fan "Uchiwa" among jobless group. Those fans are sold in Japan and the profit grant goes to schools. Likewise, Coffee farm might be another important income source. The same group and Germany group conducts free health campaign thrice in a year. Dr. Yamaguchi is the key person to run this health campaign. My heartiest thankfulness goes to Dr. Yamaguchi (one of the famous cardiologist of Japan) for his kindness, pure heart to serve needy patients of Nepal.

ECO VILLAGE (Organic Tea Garden / Orchid farm / Mountain lodges with permaculture concept ) Under construction ..... ULTIMATE DREAM !

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