Vedas are the book of light and knowledge, constitution of whole mankind. The four Vedas are the detail explanation of the Vedic Sanatan Dharma (the flow of nature) stated from Nepal which is strictly followed by Hindu (the oldest religion) and all the religion of the world. It is the key of the whole human civilization; hub of all the discoveries, essence of whole existence. Vedas are but the science of life and the world.

And, Vyasa Rishi is the author of the four Vedas; Rigveda, Ayurveda, Samveda Atharveda. He is also the compiler of Great Epic Mahabharata, 18 Puransa and Vedanta sutras. He is believed to be the incarnation of supreme Narayana and also considered to be one of the Chiranjivis (immortals). The festival of Guru Purnima is dedicated to him.

Religious texts says that Veda Vyasa was born in Damauli of Nepal. He was the son of Matsyagandha (Satyawati) and Parisar Rishi. The ancient mythology says "Parisar Rishi was lured by a beautiful girl (who was ferrying the saint) and enticed for love- making. Matsyagandha denied as she was too young for love making and people could see at day time. Parisar sage instantly created cloud in the sorrounding and prepared nice environment for love making. As a result, Veda Vyasa was born as human being".

India is spreading false rumor that Veda Vyasa was born in India. It is India's foolish attempt like hiding the Sun in a palm. We can see Vyasa cave in Damauli in the confluence of Seti and Madi river. May all researchers come to Damauli and see the clear evidence that shuts India's mouth. Veda Vyasa compiled the whole Vedas residing inside the cave. Actually he was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu himself who came in Dwaparyuga to make all the Vedic Knowledge in written form. Before his deed, Vedic Knowledge was available only in sound form. He scripted Vedas in Sanskrit language in order to allow people understand the divine knowledge. It is the holiest and oldest book ever made by mankind. They have words called 'mantras' which are chanted in religious ceremonies. The Vedas contain hymns, incantation and instruction for rituals / daily life. Indeed it is coeval with the universe.


  1. RIGVEDA: It talks about the creation of universe and nature, admiration with utmost gratitude to the Almighty God, Cosmic energy, the five elements of nature (Fire, Air, Water, Space, Earth), Illumination of Sun, Essence of OM sound, Tantra etc
  2. YAJURVEDA: Ways of Performing worships- Hawan- Yagyas and tiruals, Meaning of religious symbols, purification of body-mind-soul, What does Vedic Sanatan Dharma mean? And the purpose of life?
  3. SAM VEDA : It deals about music, art, dance, literature and scientific discoveries (advance aeroplane, computer, wireless phones, engineering etc). All in hymns but in proper rhymes. Sanskrit- the language of Gods
  4. ATHARVA VEDA: Yoga- meditation, Ayurveda, Astrology, Vastushastra(fengsui) Economy (the art of business) Although, it is beyond human's intellect let me tell you the time calculation shown in Vedas. It says that we are in the stage of 7th Manwantar.
    14 Manwantar = 1 Kalpa Complete creation
    1 Manwantar = 74 Charturyug
    1 Chaturyug =
    (a) Satya Yug ------- 1728,000 years
    (b) Treta Yug ------- 1296,000 years
    (c) Dwapar Yug ------ 864,000 years
    (d) Kali Yug ------- 432,000 years

NOBLE KNOWLEDGE: Vedas are the source of great knowledge beyond human intellect. High level discourse in Bhagawat Geeta and innumerable verse quoted in Vedas are certainly the first hand knowledge books- so that you shall be able to answer to anybody...Hundred of confusions / dilemmas related to religion-yoga- spirituality will go out from your mind. You shall lean- What is yoga? What are the limbs of yoga? Why is it important? Chakra closing and opening, Mudras & Mantras, How to purify mind & body? How to make our ancestors happy and receive blessing? Importance of Architecture (Vastushastra- fengsui), Little knowledge about Astrology and Ayurveda too..What is the difference between happy & peace, difference between relaxation and realization etc. Does and don'ts related to spirituality. Why must not we call Guru or Baba to humans? Why must not we rotate temple clock wise? What is the law of nature? Karmic action, What does Vedic Sanatan Dharma mean? What is spirituality? Why are we unhappy? Anatomy of human body, How is the world operated? Difference between Tantra-Mantra- Yantra, Training for making Simple Mandala Yantra, What are Yuga- era/ eons? Why is NAGAS (King of serpents) important in our life? Who is Sat Guru Gorakh - Shiva & Gorakh? Who created universe? Do we really die? Who we are? What is the purpose of like? How is GOD look like? How to find? What are the 3 Great Realization etc.

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