Everybody in this world is craving for happiness and peace but out of reach. Disconnection with the Almighty Creator, living against the law of nature and unknown about the self are the main cause of all the sufferings. Knowledge is light that can efface fear, ego, lust and anger. All know "Health is Happiness" but very few know that healthy mind-body and soul (the three entities) is sine-qua-non for happiness and peace. Yoga and meditation balances spiritual life and material life, gives positive thoughts and contentment. It purifies body-mind and soul. After the 3 Great Realization people shall get the key of happiness and peace. And, a well civilized society can be thought for caring, sharing and growing together with love and light.

The powerful but lunatic leaders of so-called developed countries are preparing for the holy wars and bloodsheds. They have been spending billions of dollar everyday for conspiracy, bombing and killing innocent peoples, destroying the warmth of nature. All the people are fed up with the dirty game of filthy politics. In this regard, we have found the concrete solution for restoring harmony and peace. It is we to restore the energy of Tantra in the national flag of Nepal- unique flag blessed by Guru Gorakshanath. Believe it or not it is the key for the restoration of world peace. And, this has to be done by Nepalese with apt conscience. We anticipate moral support from all of you understanding the facts. It is only possible by awakening people and live beautiful life as taught by the Vedas. People have realized the inevitability of yoga-meditation for the positive change.

Therefore, we have been organizing International yoga festival on 10th of November every year. We are thankful to Indian Yogis who spread the noble message of yoga-meditation to western worlds. However, at the same time, we are sorry for their mischievous nature for not respecting the holy land of Nepal from where Tantra- Yoga- Meditation was started. May all the yoga / peace lovers around the world come to Nepal and explore the facts.

International Yoga Festival 2017 Nov 10 in Daman Inareswor, Nepal

International Yoga Festival 2018 Nov 10 in Rishikesh of Ruru Kshetra Palpa Nepal

International Yoga Festival 2019 Nov 10 in Bhojpur - Nepal the birthplace of Yogi Patanjali

International Yoga Festival 2020 Nov 10 in Damauli Nepal, birthplace of Veda Vyasa

International Yoga Festival 2021 Nov 10 in Pokhara Nepal, lap of mother Annapurna

International Yoga Festival 2022 Nov 10 in Lumbini Nepal, birthplace of Lord Buddha

In pursuit of spiritual ambassadors for world peace, TUSHITA-NEPAL offers 7 days complimentary retreat stay to anybody who answers ALL questions at; [contact page] It is a NPO: non-profit organization striving for the restoration of world peace, an authentic yoga-meditation school meant for noble cause.

Therefore, it would be great if linked us in your front page for the noble cause. Let's work together for the good change! Discover the mysterious creation of nature. Do not miss the opportunity to serve the mankind. Please, do send us your bio-data as soon as possible. Registration is going on.

Event Co-ordinator,
Gyanu Shrestha +977-9856025232

Yogi Panchavedi's Campaign

From the time immemorial, Nepal was an independent country; never conquered and still unique triangular flag is flickering with pride and prestige. These are the reason why Nepal is "The Crown of the World" and Yogi Panchavedi is ardently advocating for human consciousness.

HISTORY OF TANTRA-YOGA- MEDITATION: It is sad that people are unknown about The Almighty Guru Gorakhanath the father of Tantra-Yoga-Meditation and pious land Nepal from all it was started for the first time in human civilization- It is ridiculous that western world can not go beyond Indus valley civilization (Hindus of India), just 3500 yrs ago whereas yoga has a written history of 28,000 yrs ago in Nepal, archaeologically proved. Even, those Aryans (meaning: well cultured people) residing in Indus Valley were migrated from the Himalays of Nepal inheriting rituals / cultures taught in Vedas. The 4 Vedas was compiled by the Veda Vyasa (the father of all the religious texts and scientific discoveries). May the researchers come and discover, Gorkah- Gorakhnath cave, Veda Vyasa's birth place Damauli, Original Rishikesh - birthplace of Lord Rishikesh (Ruru Kshetra of Nepal). Recently, American army troop discovered an ancient flying machine nearby Afganisthan dating at least 5000 yrs ago but they are unknown that Nepal used to have those flying machine during Mahabharata war. Still we have the name of place Mahabharata hills and Bhardaha named after the scientist Bhardwaj who made flying machines at that time. May the world know that half of today's India used to be Nepal's land according to the greater map of Nepal. People don't know that Bharatpur (at present Narayanghat- Bharatpur of Nepa) was the capital of Great empire Bharat (which still inherits the name of India calling Bharat).


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