Yogi Panchavedi

Mr. Rajesh Shrestha, dreamer of a beautiful Nepal, has been continuously involved in tourism trade since 1991. He has started 'Tushita Group' business in order to support NPO Tushita-Nepal and various projects related to nature conservation, education and empowerment. Imbued with the feeling "Hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray" he is striving for the good changes in the society. He knows the present political imbroglio/ the miserable condition of Nepal from the very proximity and the serene solution too. One can know his feeling once you go through the article and appeal written from his inner heart.

After a long wrestle, deep meditation for 999 days, the mother-nature has taught him the secret of bliss and beauty. Eventually, he has set up Tushita-Nepal, the spiritual home for those who seek peace and happiness. Now, Rajesh Shrestha became Yogi Panchavedi after receiving blessing from Guru Gorakshanath and borrowed the name "Panchavedi" as he has touched few pages of the 5th Vedas. Remember ! there are hardly 10 people in the world who have seen and touched the 5th Vedas. Even, the Hindus of India ( other Yogis/ spiritual masters) describe the 5th Vedas as the "Hidden Veda" but are unknown about its name and its truth.

Mr, Rajesh Shrestha (Yogi Panchavedi)
Pioneer :

  1. Organic Farming in Pokhara (Eco Farm Nepal)
  2. Agro Resort in Pokhara
  3. Professional tourist vehicle provider
  4. Natural Product Shop (fair trade products)
  5. Freelance photographer and tourism book writer
  6. Promoter of Damauli the birth place of Veda Vyasa (compiler of the 4 Vedas)
  7. Yoga and meditation center for self - realization !

Book -1 Satyam Shivam Sundaram (Eternal Truth, Bliss & Beauty)
Book -2 Pokhara Valley
Book -3 Travel & Tourism in Nepal
Book- 4 Crown of the World Nepal
Book -5 Himalayan Gemstones of Nepal
Book -6 Ayurveda; Holistic Healing
Book- 7 Yoga, Meditation and Divinity

Music 1: Om Nama Sibaya
Music 2: Buddham Saranam Gachhami
Music 3: Nature's Call


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